AcaPixus PixBlender
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PixBlender currently support the following file types:


Save (retaining ICC profiles if any)
Windows or OS/2 Bitmap File (*.BMP)
Dr. Halo (*.CUT)
DirectDraw Surface (*.DDS)
Graphics Interchange Format (*.GIF)
Windows Icon (*.ICO)
Amiga IFF (*.IFF, *.LBM)
JPEG Network Graphics (*.JNG)
JPEG Group (*.JPG)
Commodore 64 Koala format (*.KOA)
Multiple Network Graphics (*.MNG)
Portable Bitmap (ASCII) (*.PBM)
Portable Bitmap (BINARY) (*.PBM)
Kodak PhotoCD (*.PCD)
Zsoft Paintbrush PCX bitmap format (*.PCX)
Portable Graymap (ASCII) (*.PGM)
Portable Graymap (BINARY) (*.PGM)
Portable Network Graphics (*.PNG)
Portable Pixelmap (ASCII) (*.PPM)
Portable Pixelmap (BINARY) (*.PPM)
Adobe Photoshop (*.PSD)
Sun Rasterfile (*.RAS)
Truevision Targa files (*.TGA, *.TARGA)
Tagged Image File Format (*.TIF)
Wireless Bitmap (*.WBMP)
X11 Bitmap Format (*.XBM, *.XPM)
Windows or OS/2 Bitmap File (*.BMP)
JPEG Group (*.JPG)
Portable Network Graphics (*.PNG)
Tagged Image File Format (*.TIF)

Additional formats can be added upon request


The first revision of AcaPixus PixBlender was released on September 20th, 2005. The program is still being developed and upgrades to new revisions are free to licensed users - and obviously unlicensed users as well.

Improvements to future revisions should include - not necessarily in this order:

  1. Refinement of internal parameters
  2. Support for preserving IPTC and EXIF info
  3. 48 bit support
  4. More blending modes